“ WHAT WAS” An exhibition seeking the beauty from life in the past through abstract works from 3 artists

Have you ever looked back at the past, and seen a perspective from those events which has
shaped your current existence? Whether it is something that was impressive, some sweet
memories or even injurious mistakes, everything that happened has a beautiful perspective
when we look back on it in hindsight.
WHAT WAS is an art exhibition which is an artistic expression of life in reflection through
individual abstract interpretations presented by 3 abstract artists: Chanida Aroonrungsi,
Wutthichai Boontham, and Chalit Nakpawan. They are jointly presenting “WHAT WAS”
from their personal perspectives towards their past in a beautiful way, through their works in
each individual style of abstract with different techniques.

“WHAT WAS” by Chanida Aroonrungsi
“‘WHAT WAS’ for me is a reminiscence of the past through the lens of the present, guided
by time, experience and wisdom gained which all
give me a different perspective and feelings from
where I was before. With time having passed by,
experience and feelings are present in seeing
something that is beautiful.
Upon this reflection, we may be able to discover what
eluded us in the past. When we revisit it in detail, we
may see perspectives which we hadn’t thought that
we would feel on that day.
Everything happens for us to remember, let go and learn from the traces to live with the
impressions so we can move on with joys, beauty and contentment to apply them in our
present lives.

“WHAT WAS” by Wutthichai Boontham

“ ‘WHAT WAS’ is a matter of childhood
impression in my concept, shaped by the
freedom to play, think, and dream. They are
memories which influenced both my
personal and work life.
When we grow up, things are not always as
they seem. They are more difficult and
complicated. Eventually, we all must make
a choice and hopefully with the same
freedom and confidence that we had when
we were children.
For the details in my art pieces, they are a
balance between angels and devils,
illustrating both a bright and gentle view, and a dark side, both of which are present in

“WHAT WAS” by Chalit Nakpawan
In my definition, ‘WHAT WAS’ is my life journey,
with all of its fortunate and unfortunate events,
successes, and failures. All of them were
development shaping me to learn. It is unleashed
potentials which in turn leads to understanding,
advancement, and lifelong learning in all aspects
going forward.

Abstract art exhibition “WHAT WAS” with free admission
From 1-13 March 2022 from 10.00-19.00



For additional information contact:
Pannita Chanrattanakul 09 0636-3639 pannita@bowlimted.com
Tanyalak Sucharee 08 4356 8964 tanyalak@bowlimited.com
Nichanart Chansawat 09 9730 2753 nichanart@bowlimited.com

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