Tawee Nandakwang

Artist : Tawee Nandakwang


1925-1991, Thailand

Born in Lampoon Province graduated from Silpakorn University, Bangkok/Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, Italy Tawee Nandakwang is recognized and regarded as one of the nation’s leading artists in Thai contemporary art. The recognition for his repute exists both at home and abroad. His life and works have been recorded in Thailand’s history of modern art. A pioneer in approaches to painting still-life, portraits and landscapes, he has spent his entire life consistently creating excellent works. He was rightly named Thailand’s outstanding artist, a National Artist (1990) and also in the same year, he was named ASEAN Awards Outstanding Artist in Visual Arts.Tawee’s initial creative works from his schooldays between 1947 and 1948 can be classified as Impressionism. Tawee was greatly inspired by the French school of Impressionism partly due to the influence of Silpa Bhirasri who introduced his students to modern art.Among his masterpieces was Lotus painted in 1956 which won him a gold medal in the seventh National Exhibition of Art. Tawee is also influenced by the Western style called Cubism. Such influence is apparent in his painting Ayatthaya, Suwannee, a painting of Tawee’s first wife was named the best portrait of the year at the 9th National Exhibition of Art. The significance of this painting rests in the attempt to avoid the close resemblance of the subject: detail does not seem to take priority. Tawee used his brushstrokes to accentuate the structure of the counternance and other parts of the painting. Not only was the artist able to portray a face that was telling in emotion and feeling, he also succeeded in conveying with accuracy and liveliness the characteristics of his wife Suwanee. Another special attribute in his portrait which is consiedred a pioneering step in Thai portrait painting is the use of bold lines to give prominence to the model and prevent her from being blended into the background.


Education :

1943-1945 Poh-Chang, Arts and Crafts School, Bangkok

1945-1948 Diploma (Fine Arts), Silpakorn University, Bangkok

1960-1961 Diploma (Painting), Academy of Fine Arts’, Rome, Italy


Awards / Honors :

1951 Gold Medal, 3rd National Exhibition of Art

1953 Gold Medal, 4th National Exhibition of Art

1956 Gold Medal, 7th National Exhibition of Art

1956 Artist of Distinction Award (Painting), National Exhibition of Art

1957 The Best Landscape of the Year Award, National Exhibition of Art

1958 The Best Portrait of the Year Award, National Exhibition of Art

1961 A Silver Medal, An Art Exhibition, Bracciano, Italy

1990 National Artist (Painting)

1990 ASEAN Award, Visual Arts (Painting)


Teaching Experiences :

1949-1953 Instructor, Poh Chang, Arts and Crafts School, Bangkok

1954-1985 Instructor, Silpakorn University, Bangkok

1956-1975 Member of the National Exhibition of Art

1971 Honoured to write about His Majesty the King in the book entitled Ratchadapisek later on the same account was reprinted in Wannakram Siam (in 1971)

1960-1980 Appointed several times by Silpakorn University as an advisor to His Majesty the King

1973 Member of the National Assembly (No.615)

1981 Judging Committee



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