10 Tips to be a successful architect by Doug Patt

Apart from having right degrees, experiences and license  there are 10 things that architect can do to encourage success.

1. At any stage of our career, exceptional work is key to success. Good work transcends barrier to entry.

2. A good portfolio and resume will get your foot in the door.

3. Make the right contacts. (Network to make them) Get into an office you can thrive.

4. Be persistent.

5. Get through the early years of drudgery. From stair details and schedules to endless hours of drafting. Interns pay their dues.

6. Be patient. The architect does drafting, visualization, project management, office management, design specifications, contracts, client relations, marketing and construction. If you are meant to be an architect, you will find something you enjoy.

7. Find a good boss. If you work for an architect that value diligence they will trust you with more and more quickly.

8. The harsh reality about architecture (I never wanted to believe this is true) is that some successful architects start out with wealth or make wealthy friends – they simply get interesting opportunity sooner or more often.

9. Word of mouth is important and reputation matters. Get a job. Do it well and you will get more.

10. Take on as much as responsibility as you can. Trial by fire is painful, but it makes for a better architect

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