Giglio is a small island off the Tuscan coast with a long history since the Stone Age period. It is renowned for its mineral ore which becomes our inspiration to create a unique product that connotes the island’s natural purity and timeless heritage. The Giglio trunk is a clean elegant side table that is inspired by the figure of the trunk, authentically handcrafted in Italy. It is specifically designed to be placed beside the bed area, decorating aesthetically as well as storing everyday-use and valuable objects. Externally, the trunk is covered with fine leather, solid silver hardware and tacks, which were hand-hammered by experienced Italian artisans along the borders. The trunk consists of 2 soft-closing drawers that can be customized in microfiber or polished solid walnut.
The Giglio trunk is a clean elegant side bed table, designed to be a real object of desire that is the Italian masterpiece.

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