Mr.Saverio Lucci

Art Name : Oriental 2007/Oil on Canvas/Size:40 x 50(cm)/Price:160,000

Born In Italy on 1956
Saverio Lucci is a prolific contemporary artist and designer, with a strong aesthetic influence in popular culture today. His breadth of experience and elegant manner befit an aesthete, that well-rounded gentleman from times past, and yet, Lucci is utterly self-taught “artistes” of the 20th century.

It is therefore the search for the internal parameters that give such life to an expression, a detail and a glance. Lucci’s inspiration can be traced to his appreciation of beauty, which pervades his work as a Interior Designer ,Stylist and variously performed restorations on such notable treasures as the Kremlin in Moscow

S.Lucci’s portrait style continues the great European and Italian traditions. With much more than just proportional precision, this artist closely examines psychological aspects, human soul, anxiety, ambiguity, nuances, all of the emotions of the heart, with metaphysical and surreal influences.:” I am a painter along with being an Anthropologist that make me studying Human soul”.
The synthesis he makes between ethic and aesthetics is noteworthy, his are works are full of poetry, in which his aim is to create Beauty, an undertaking accomplished with valuable materials and refined colours.

Lucci has absorbed the techniques of the great masters, reading and researching the greats, and unearthing the forgotten secrets of the ancients. It is Lucci’s passion for history and respect for tradition that has led to his use of Encausto, in his most Art works. An art form well-known during the Renaissance time, the encaustic technique is a delicate combination of successive layers of pure beeswax and oil-colours . “I do not have obsession in one technique, Artist is a story teller , witness of our time, Art is where Humanity discover himself in time ,”

His exhibitions have received acclaim both from art critics and public in various Italian cities and abroad: Milan, Venice, Ferrara, Moscow, Dubai and of course Bangkok .

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