Dumronk Thanachanant

Artist : Dumronk Thanachanant

Office : – Department of Orthopedics, Pramongkutklao Hospital
Rajaveedee Road, Bangkok 10400, Thailand.
– Phyathai Hospital, Sri Ayudaya
Road, Bangkok 10400 Thailand.
Home : – 487/11 Sri Ayudaya Road 10, Bangkok
10400, Thailand.
Tel. (66 2) 246-8353, Fax. (66 2) 642-7553
Website : http://www.rama9art.org/dumronk or http://lox1.loxinfo.co.th/~dumronk

E-mail: dumronk@loxinfo.co.th

Education : B.Sc.(Econ.), M.D. Former FACS, FICS, FRCOST
American Board of Orthopedic Surgery
Profession : Orthopedic Surgeon

Hobby : Watercolor painting, Classical music work enthusiast and writer,
golf, sailing, squash, scuba and underwater photography.


Art Exhibition
2002 – Selected works from Emotionpictures Exhibition
shown at Chicago, Washington DC, Minisota, USA.
2001 – Emotionpictures
exhibition in San Francisco USA., AAOS Board of Director Award Winner Exhibition
at UN Building NY USA : Jan-Feb 2001
1999 – Watercolor Aesthetics IV (New
Wave Group) at Peninsula Plaza, Bangkok
1996 – Watercolor Aesthetics III
(New Wave Group) at Peninsula Plaza, Bangkok
1995 – Watercolor Aesthetics II
(New Wave Group) at Peninsula Plaza, Bangkok
1994 – Watercolor Aesthetics I
(New Wave Group) at Peninsula Plaza, Bangkok
1993 – Aesthetic Variety 40
Thai Artist at Ideal Art, Bangkok
– Neo naturalism, Art of Swing at
Shangrinla Hotel, Bangkok
– A Gift of Life The Art of Two Surgeon (with Sir
Roy Calne)
1992 – Colorful April 92′ at River City Shopping Complex,
– Aree Soothipan 60′ at Montein Hotel, Bangkok
– Orthopedic
Meeting at Khon Kan University, Khon Kan
1991 – Color Sensation at Art Forum
Gallery, Bangkok

Ultimate Dream
To create another perspective in painting from an
integration of nature and his own impression.
To evoke the inner most
happiness through an appreciation of medical work and natural aesthetic beauty
and to lead us through a path of fasinating world.


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