Kraisorn Prasert

Artist : Kraisorn Prasert

BORN November 12, 1969, Chiangmai, Thailand

EDUCATION 1991-1992 Rajamangala Institute of Technology
1996 Srinakarinwirot University
PRESENT Lecturer of Graphic arts at Faculty of Fine arts, Rajamangala Institute of Technology, Thanyaburi, Prathumthani, Thailand 12110
Tel. (66) 02-904-3746
SOLO EXHIBITION 1998 The art exhibition “Art After Death” at Wat Nang Soi Wutthakat 42 Chomthong, Bangkok, Thailand
2000 Note of “Art After Death” at Marsi Gallery, Suan Pakkad Palace, Bangkok
2001 Art Exhibition To Honour Good Citizens for Christopher Jack Benjakul at The National Gallery, Chao-Fa Road, Bangkok
Art Exhibition To Honour Good Citizens for May 1992 Heroes “Commemorate The Nine Years After The May 1992 Event” at The Democracy Monument in Bangkok
2002 Art Exhibition To Honour Good Citizens “Commemoration of a local hero : Mr.Kitti Amnuayvichai, the good citizen of AYUTTHAYA” at Central Jail (Talad Hua-ro), Phanakorn Si Ayutthaya

CO EXHIBITION 1993 The art exhibition of Graphic arts and Miss Siriluck Wongwitsakul at Ruang Pueng Art Community, Bangkok, Thailand
1996 The Graphic Art Exhibition and Mr. Kitisak Jang-Kasiri at Art Forum Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

GROUP EXHIBITION  The 1st, 2nd, 3rd Art Exhibition by Paen Kled Group, Thailand (1993, 1995, 1997)
The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Art Exhibition of Graphic arts by Mukphim Group, Thailand (1995, 2000)
The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Art Exhibition of The Six Group, Thailand (1995-1999)

NATIONAL EXHIBITION  The 38th, 40th, 41st, 43rd, 44th, 45th National Exhibition of Art, Thailand (1992, 94, 95, 97-99)
Contemporary Art Exhibition, Thailand (1992-95, 98, 99)

INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION 1993 The 5th Biennial Exhibition of prints in Wakayama, Japan
The 1st Egyptian International Print Triennale the Constituent Session, Egyptian
The 7th International Print Biennal Varna’ 93 Bulgaria
1994 The International Biennal of Graphic art in Metal Techniques of Mikoraj Pruzio (Cuprum VI), Poland
1995, 1998 Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial, Japan
1995, 97, 98 International Print Triennial in Kanagawa, Japan
1996 The 3rd Kochi International Triennial Exhibition of Prints, Japan
1997 Second International Triennal of Graphic art Bitalo’ 97, Republic of Macedonai
International Print Triennial Cracow’ 97 Poland, Austria, Germany, Brazil
The Fourth Brarat Bhavan International Biennial of prints 1997, India
The 2nd Malaysia Annual Exhibition of International Contemporary Prints, Malaysia
1998 2nd International Biennial Raciborz ’98, Poland
International Miniature Print Exhibit, Spain
1999 Biennale Internationaled’ Estampe Contemporaine De Trois-Rivieres, Canada
12nd Norwegian International Print Triennale Fredrikstad, Norway
2000 Y2K International Exhibtion and Symposium of Prints, Japan, Taipei R.O.C.

AWARD 1987 The 1st prize in a regional and national level of Vocation Education Department Skill competition (Wood Block)
1993 Special Prize, The 5th Toshiba “Brings Good Things To Life” Art Competition, Bangkok
1994 Silver Medal Award, The 1st Exhibition of Contemporary Art by Young Artist, Bangkok
Honorable Prize, The 9th PTT Exhibtion of art “Thai Custom and Culture”, Bangkok
1995 Silver Prize, The 7th International Biennial Print & Drawing Exhibit : 1995, Taipei R.O.C.
1996 The 3rd, The Siam TV Exhibiton of Art “Tradition”, Bangkok
Award Winner, The 8th Toshiba “Brings Good Things To Life” Art Competition, Bangkok
1998 Award Creator Arts at Rajamangala Institute of Technology, Thailand
1999 The 2nd Prize : Silver Medal, Graphic art, The 45th National exhibition of art, Thailand
Special Prize, The 11th Toshiba “Brings Good Things To Life” Art Competition, Bangkok

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