Nantana Phonak



Date of Birth : 26 January 1972

Education : Thaivichitsil Art Collage

Work history : “Queer Art” show at Jamjuree Art Gallary, Chulalongkorn University, March 2003


How to survive since 1991 until now

Doll painting / paint batik / plaster doll / fancy candle / Sold durian at See Moom Meung Market

Spend almost 1 year daytime living in Temple at Samutsongkram province

Stay in North of Thailand sold vegetable, Garlic at Chaingrai province

Go to Chaingmai to work in Beer Garden by sold coupon

Back to Chaingrai working as Art Director at Resort

Go to Chaingmai again and worked at ceramic factory as a painter

Move back to Phathumthani sold Durian at Thai market

Move to live at Samutsongkram province and sold pomelo,



photoshop at Samutsongkram

Screen T-shirt

Painting Silk




Every painting come out from my subconscious. I just want to pass on my feeling through my work with no intention to kill any people in the real world. It’s kind of dreaming from the deepest of my heart that feels pressure, stubborn, against, violent, aggressive and suffer. Sometime I cannot tell anybody or explain them what I had in mind then I pass it on my work. These are not all the work that I have made. There are many different kind of painting I’d made. But it’s some kind of imagine, something that not real exit in this world.

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