Pimarn Mulpramook

Artist : Pimarn Mulpramook


Piman Munpramuk was born in 1912 in Thonburi, which is now a part of Bangkok. He was among the frst class of Silpiakorn University students when it was Praneet Silpakam (School of Fine Arts). After his graduation he worked for the Fine Arts Department and became lecturer in craftsmanship at the school. He later taught perspective and projection at the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture, Silpakorn University.


Piman assisted Professor Silpa Bhirasri irz the creation of many farnous monurnents. His works include, for example, the highrelief part of the Dernocracy Monument, the police statue of the Victorv Monument, tire Arrcestral Monarch Monumerrt (King Trailokanart) at the city hall of Ayutthaya Province, King Rama 11 in Samut Songkrarn, Marshal Pibulsongkra Monument, and Police Monument, etc. He was awarded Natiorral Artist in visual arts (sculpture) in 1991.


He died at the age of 80 in 1992

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