Anan Thathamma

Aratist Anan Thathamma

Anan Thathamma was born in Prachinburi, in the east of Thailand, in 1969. He
spent 12 years of his childhood living and studying in a temple, where he
studied Buddhism & Sanskrit on top of his other school subjects.  During this
time, he gained an appreciation for art, particularly religious art.  Moving to
Bangkok at the age of 18, he worked in various roles to provide himself with an
art education, studying at Alliance Francaise under the tutelage of a
French/American artist.  Anan studied drawing, watercolours and oil painting,
finally settling on oil and acrylic as his preferred medium.  Over the past 4
years, Anan has held several solo and joint exhibitions at various locations
throughout Bangkok, and his work has been acquired by collectors from Asia,
Europe, and North America.

“Painting helps me to express myself and the way I see the world”, explains
Anan.  “I hope my art can inspire people to learn more about themselves, and to
discover their true needs and desires.  Art can open your mind and imagination,
and help you to choose the right path.”

Contact Information
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