Rice is Life

Thavibu Gallery is pleased to present the art exhibition Rice is Life with new oil paintings by the Myanmar artist Aung Kyaw Htet.

Aung Kyaw Htet is a devout Buddhist and grew up in a small village — two factors which have a strong influence on his art. He is internationally known for his paintings of monks and nuns and Buddhist life in Myanmar where his focus has been on the humanity of the people rather than monks as religious symbols. He is a master of rendering expressive faces and the use of light and shadow and subdued colours to convey the serenity of the works.

In the current exhibition, his focus is on Rice as the source of life in Myanmar. The cultivation and production of rice has contributed to the growth and wealth of Asia and is an integral part of life here. In this series of paintings, he explores the journey of rice from when it is planted, grown, harvested, cooked and served as meals or offerings in Myanmar. Coming from a Buddhist background, he explores how rice is used in various religious and non-religious contexts in Myanmar.

Aung Kyaw Htet is 50 years old and one of Myanmar’s leading painters. He studied at the State School of Fine Arts in Yangon and has participated in several exhibitions internationally such as in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Dubai, and Monaco. His paintings are in the museum collections of the National Museum of Myanmar and the National Art Gallery of Malaysia.

Art Exhibition : Rice is Life
Artist : Aung Kyaw Htet, Myanmar
Dates: 20 June – 18 July, 2015
Venue : Thavibu Gallery
Opening : Saturday 20th June at 5 pm
Open : Monday – Saturday: 11:00 – 19:00

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