Chang Saetang

Artist : Chang Saetang

Chang Se Tang 1934-1990 born in Bangkok

Chang Se Tang is one of Thailand’s foremost poets and painters. Born of Chinese parents, he had very little formal education.

Chang is a selftrained artist. He taught himself the art of drawing and made a living by becoming a portrait artist. He first drew portraits with charcoal in black and white. Two of his early portraits were a portrait of King Chulalongkorn and portrait of King Anandamahidol. Both were done is 1959 and were drawn from photographs. Chang also studied from nature as well as reading works by several Chinese philosophers.

His abstract paintings executed around late 1950s and early 1960s were highly expressive. Unlike other Thai abstract artist whose work followed Western style, Chang’s abstract works stemmed from his deep rooted Chinese background. He discovered his own origin through the influences of Chinese calligraphy and philosophy. His abstract work in colours were rich with swirling lines and became alive with bold colours that excited the viewers visually and psychologically. His abstract series include Black on Black and White on White , Chang was also a poet. His poems were highly conceptual, imaginative and acquired an intellectual aura.

2002 A Moment in s Long, Productive and creative Life! at Marsi Gallery

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