Kritsana Chaikitwattana

Artist Kritsana Chaikitwattana

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Kritsana Chaikitwattana is one of Thailand’s talented
young artists.  He was born in 1977 in Hat Yai, and graduated with a Bachelor
Degree from Chulalongkorn University in 1998 and proceeded to attain a Master
Degree from Silapakorn University in 2002.  The last exhibition entitled Venuses
of Bangkok focused on the strength of Thai women and their expanding roles.  The
artist pays homage to Thai women in today’s society.  His Venus series is
painted as oil on canvas, though mostly he has worked on carved and painted wood
and small wooden patches on board.  To the artist, patches, scratches and wear
included in the works symbolise the passing of time.  Some of his works even
incorporate stones from Hualamphong, the main railway station in Bangkok.  The
focus of Kritsana’s work is often on the inner world of individuals, and the
struggle for self-realisation, often relating to Buddhism.  Other areas of focus
are social commentary and the dire situation in the deep south of Thailand where
there is an ongoing conflict.  Kritsana has participated in several exhibitions
in Thailand, as well as in Korea (2003), Spain (2005), Taiwan (2006), China
(2008, the Olympics) and Singapore (2008).  Gallery 1 | 2 (s= sold

Venus at MBK (Shopping Mall)The LoserTrying to Touch the GroundMe and the
Buddha I
Venus in a Desolate World The Long MarchTruth and Illusion (1)Me and
the Buddha II
The Pretentious BuffaloMonsoonStop no. 2Venus with
Thai Souvenir Postcard (2)
Venus with Thai Traditional
DollsConflict (2)SentimentVenus of Bangkok with Thai Traditional Doll

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