Princess Philailekha Diskul

Artist : Princess Philailekha Diskul

Princess Philailekha Diskul[ 1897 – 1992 ]

Princess Philailekha Diskul is the second daughter of Prince Krom Phraya Damrong Rajanunbhap, the ” Father of Tha Fi History “, by Mom Chuai, his most favourite consort, who passed away in 1903 A.D. So grief-stricken was Prince Damrong at the time that King Chulalongkorn in a letter of condolence to the Prince wrote of his fears that Prince Damrong would let his grief interrupt his valuable work in the Government service.


M.C. Philailekha was born on 8th August, 1897 the eighth of ten children by her mother and with many half-brothers and half-sisters by her father’s other consorts. When she was 4 years old she was sent to the Suan Dusit Palace, as was customary for such as she, and placed in the Queen Mother’s Palace under her care, .for a royal upbringing. M.C. Philailekha recalls that she was not at all frightened by her new home, and that she actually enjoyed the change, ” because the Queen Mother ‘s Palace was like a city of women ”. In her maidenhood she was one of three daughters : Princess Phunphitsamai ( Princess Phun ), Princess Philailekha ( Princess Philai ), and Princess Phatthanayu ( Princess Lua ), who lived with their father and travelled with him wherever he went , both to the up-country provinces and to countries abroad. When Prince Damrong moved to Penang as a result of the 1932 Revolution , these three live in daughters accompanied him into his political exile.
Sudara Suchaxaya Muang Boran Journal, Volume 8 No. 1 December 1981 – March 1982, p.29-30


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