Potato Chip Inspired Seating

The Lastu Stool, which is named after the Finnish word for ‘chip,’ is a delicious-looking seat that will satisfy many design cravings, if not salty ones. Shaped like an oversized potato chip, the Lastu Stool curves invitingly to provide a comfy seat.

Designed by Finnish furniture designer Juhani Horelli of newly established start-up company byHorelli, the Lastu Stool may be rooted in traditional scandinavian design, but also features a fun twist. Made out of mold pressed veneer and solid oak, the chip-like seat is complemented with a tripod-styled formation of legs that are secured with a metal pole driven horizontally across to maximize strength.

Although perfect as is, what would take the Lastu Stool to the next level is if people ate chips while sitting on it.

ที่มา : http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/lastu-stool


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