Eyes accentuated with taupe tones, incandescent lips set with crystals, and an ultra-short haircut : the show’s beauty look was a reflection of the couture by Raf Simons, contemporary and daring

On the face, jauntily topped by a short haircut, it draws all attention: the glossy, luscious mouth, painted in Dior red or in fuchsia pink set with Swarovski crystals, almost in a nod to the embroideries on the clothes. A mouth like the petals of a rose glistening with morning dew, the final touch to Raf Simons’ take on flower-women. A slash of scarlet, vibrant and bright, on skin that’s clean and minimal, almost nude. The eyes are now made up with a band of iridescent eyeshadows, stretching as far as the temples, as if set with butterly wings in Tweed and Sequins, then underlined with a delicate swipe of black eyeliner and taupe eyeshadow. Innovative and unexpected, the garconne make-up expresses all the modernity of the colors developed by Tyen, Dior’s creative director of make-up.

In contrast to the sophistication of Raf Simons’ designs, hair was short and slicked down, inspired by Monsieur Dior’s own models and iconic actresses of the 1960s. ” From the very conception of the collection, Raf Simons had a specific idea in mind for the hair: he wanted it short,” explains hairstylist Guido Palau. ” I was inspired by famous actresses with celebrated garçonne haircuts, like Mia Farrow, Jean Seberg, Janet Leigh, and by Monsieur Dior’s models who, for the most part, had short hair. It’s a very elegant cut, it elongates the silhouette, and draws attention to the neck and how the head is carried.”

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