customizing re-used  t-shirts as a source for the drycleanonly clothing line delivers a collecting of  pure brillance. (not only good for the envirlment, but also good for you!)

The creative output of Drycleanonly is endless and never the same.  which makes this brand the perfect one to be embraced by unique individuals from within and abroad the borders of thailand. Drycleanonly is all about making handmade clothes for the punk edged fashion individual..




COLLECTON at Trash Palace

DRYCLEANONLY is working hard on the collection for Trashpalace.
in the mean time check out some pictures featuring DRYCLEANONLY in the best possible way:

studio / showroom
phomphan 2, building r.203 Ladpraw soi 3
Chomphol, Chatujak BKK, Thailand 10900


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